Final Specifications of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Confirmed

Finally, After a long wait, we now know the final specs for the RTX 3080 Ti. A recent validation from TechPowerUP’sGPU-Z monitoring tool confirms that the NVIDIA GA102-225 GPU-based graphic card has a PCI Device ID of 2208.

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The tool also revealed that the card will have a base clock speed of 1365 MHz and a boost clock speed of up to 1665 MHz. The card will also house 10240 CUDA cores which will provide a maximum theoretical single-precision compute performance of 34.1 TFLOPs. There is a minimal reduction in performance compared to RTX 3090 with 35.6 TFLOPs.

The tool has also confirmed the memory specifications. The card will feature 12GB GDDR6X RAM with an operational speed of 1188 MHz (19008 MHz effective. It will have a 384-bit wide memory bus and a maximum bandwidth of 912.4 GB/s.

The GPU-Z validation has also mentioned a 35W TDP which Videocardz has confirmed from reviewers who own this card. The RTX 3070 Ti specifications are yet to be confirmed.

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NVIDIA will reveal both the cards at the Computex 2021 keynote on 31 May. The RTX 3080 Ti will be launched on 3 June, and NVIDIA hasn’t disclosed the prices yet.

Via TechPowerUp