Finnish eSports Company UNEVN Launches BASE Portable Gaming Desk with a Built in Gaming PC

Finnish esports company UNEVN has launched a new gaming setup meant for professional e-athletes and professionals-to-be. The new setup called BASE is designed to make organizing boot camps easier, improve performance, and help players move ahead in their career. BASE is a portable gaming setup that comes with a high-end computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, and the gaming desk itself. The setup can be put together in minutes, and it is easy to transport.

UNEVN was founded by brothers Aleksi and Santeri Rinkinen together with Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, one of the most famous Dota players in the world. Vainikka is a former world champion in Dota 2. “One of the biggest challenges for professional e-athletes is having to deal with insufficient tournament setups that often disregard the importance of ergonomics. We’ve designed the setup with a smooth gaming performance in mind. BASE is portable and easy to transport, and it is compatible with various components. With our gear, players can maximize their performance and focus fully on what matters most – winning,” explains CEO Aleksi Rinkinen.

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“Another issue we’re solving is the difficulty of organizing boot camps. A lot of space and time is needed for putting all the equipment together, but with BASE, it’s possible to get together even in small apartments, as the setup takes up only a little space and can be built in about a minute. Boot camps play a highly important role in developing the players’ and teams’ skills,” Santeri Rinkinen says.

In order to make sure the setup truly benefits players and their careers, BASE is designed together with professional e-athletes. An important part of the designing process has been Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, who has experienced the challenges first-hand.

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“Setting up your gaming setup usually takes a lot of time, and you have to take many things into account. From what I’ve seen and experienced, tournament setups don’t meet the players’ expectations. BASE has been designed to be professional and ergonomic in order to help players thrive in any environment,” Vainikka says.

The company is also highly focused on the wellbeing of gamers, which is why the ergonomics of the new product was at the center of the designing process.

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“An ergonomic gaming posture helps players perform better, but it also has an effect on the players’ health in the long run, of course. Back, wrist and neck problems are very common among gamers and e-athletes, so it is crucial that we aim to minimize them,” Vainikka continues.

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Designed for all gamers
With their mission being to provide tools for e-athletes to be able to improve their performance and thus enable esports to be widely recognized as equal beside traditional sports, UNEVN has developed their BASE setup to suit both the best professionals and young players who still only dream of becoming a pro.

“Our main goal has been to create a product that people need. This way, we are able to help those that want to be professional e-athletes as well as create the best possible esports experience. We are building from the ground up,” Santeri Rinkinen explains.

The company and its founders are very keen on making sure that the product is of high quality. For that reason, the product mostly consists of components provided by Finnish manufacturers. In addition, the product is assembled in Finland, which is where quality control also takes place.

“We are very proud to say that BASE is Finnish high-quality design, and due to the fact that we assemble the product in Finland, we are able to make sure the setups are of the highest quality,” Aleksi Rinkinen concludes.

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