First Generation Ryzen CPUs will not Work on X570 Motherboards

AMD has officially announced their 3rd generation Ryzen processors and X570 chipset at Computex. This is great news for those looking to upgrade, but it appears that first generation Ryzen CPUs will not be compatible with all of the new X570 motherboards.

ryzen chart

Apparently only 2nd generation Ryzen “Pinnacle Ridge” processors and the new 3rd generation Ryzen processors are supported on X570. Check out the above chart to see compatibility. It will be interesting to see why first generation Ryzen CPUs are not compatible with X570 motherboards since they have the same physical AM4 socket that was present on X370 motherboards.

For those why might be confused all motherboards that support 3rd generation Ryzen processors will not come with a “AMD Ryzen Desktop 3000 Ready” badge on them.

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