First Successful Lawsuit Over Windows 10 Upgrade

We have the first successful lawsuit over Microsoft’s forced Windows 10 upgrade. This could be the first of possibly many. It comes from Teri Goldstein from California, who has successfully sued Microsoft for $10,000 in damages and legal fees over its deceptively designed Windows 10 upgrade software, which automatically downloaded and upgraded her computers’s Windows 7 installation almost without the consent of the user. She apparently convinced the court that the upgrade made her computer slower, and that she lost business due to the upgrade process and slowing down of her computer. Microsoft decided to drop its appeal and pay up.

Microsoft has been heavily criticized for the way it handles its free Windows 10 upgrade for PCs with Windows 7 and Windows 8. What has started as an optional upgrade has quickly evolved into an almost unavoidable upgrade that forces itself upon users through a clever design of the upgrade software’s users interface.

Microsoft recently changed Windows 10 upgrade into a “recommended update” for Windows 7 and 8, making users with auto-install for recommended updates discover that their machines have been upgraded almost without their consent.

The could be the first of many successful lawsuits over this.

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