How many gadgets have really impacted your behavior? My guess is quite a few. And of those how many changed it for the better. I bet the number only trickles down right? A lot of gadgets are often sent my way but very few have staying power. Sure I will get swept up by its newness but soon enough it ends up in my junk drawer- that’s if it’s not taken back by HR.

But the FlexiSpot  sit-stand desk converter has not only stayed front and center on my desk it has largely replaced my desk. Even better it has caused a significant turn of events on my productivity at work.

Stand fast
This is a desk that is sitting on top of your existing desk, raising your desktop or laptop up above your keyboard to offer better ergonomics. Lift two catches at the sides and the whole top layer springs up with almost no effort. And Voila! a seated desk suddenly becomes a standing desk.

I recall a friend of mine in the finance industry who told me about how her back problem caused her to make a move to standing desks. I had the utmost pity for her; surely it must be very uncomfortable to work standing. I just couldn’t see how she could ever be productive in that position. So it was with great skepticism that I unboxed the Flexispot workstation and put it on my desk.

Fit & Finish
The sit-stand desk has a very attractive finish. It looks nothing like the ordinary office-ware that is neither unattractive nor attractive but rather just inoffensive.  It’s wrapped in a black laminate finish that makes quite a bold style statement.

The build quality is great.  It has lots of metal and an excellent feeling of solidity to the catches that clunk into place when the desks lock at your preferred height. It’s adjustable across a wide range of height settings though I always find myself opting for the max height.  I’m just a little shy of 6ft so the loftier folks may require an option with greater extension. I only fault them for not having the desk fully assembled out of the box.

Up & down
The smooth height adjustability of the FlexiSpot means that you can go from standing to sitting or vice versa- in the blink of an eye. It’s been a couple of months since I started using it and I still find it very quick.


I will not say I live a sedentary life. My kids keep me very active and I also cycle everywhere I can. But I’m no triathlete either. I adore a comfy sofa and a Netflix binge as much as the next 33 year old. I really didn’t think I would come to terms with standing when working.

It wasn’t an immediate switch. For about a month after I first got the FlexiSpot setup, I barely used it. But one day I got a bit fidgety and decided to stand for a while. It worked perfectly. I could type with ease and still stretch my legs. It was a really nice change.

I would highly recommend it. It’s great for your posture your health and in my experience, it almost triples your productivity.

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