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FonePaw is one of the leading software companies that provide software solutions to iPhone, Android, PC, or Macs. The company continues to launch new products now and then for all types of operating systems. Our computer stores lots of photos that may be capturing precious moments of life. If somehow they get deleted accidentally, then you need not worry at all. In case you want to recover deleted photos on computerthey can use FonePaw Data Recovery software.

When to use FonePaw Data Recovery software?

  • Accidentally Deleted data recovery:- Sometimes, we delete the files accidentally by pressing the delete button or with shift+delete button. FonePaw Data Recovery software can retrieve the file in both these scenarios efficiently.
  • Recovering hard disk drive data:-If the files on the hard disk are corrupted or have become inaccessible, then FonePaw Data Recovery software can help you recover hard disk drive data as well.
  • Data recovery after formatting:-Sometimes, we format our computer devices that often result in data loss. If we want to recover those missing files, then using FonePaw Data Recovery software can save lots of time.
  • Memory card data loss:-Sometimes, we delete the files from the memory card of the phone. These deleted data can also be retrieved easily using FonePaw data recovery software.
  • The USB flash drives data recovery:- Sometimes, the USB flash drive or pen drive is corrupted, and the files stored becomes inaccessible. In such a scenario, FonePaw Data Recovery software can recover USB flash drive data effortlessly.
  • Operating system crash recovery:- Sometimes, the operating system crashes, and the data stored in drives might become inaccessible. If someone is concerned about the loss of data from your android device or PC, then FonePaw Data Recovery software can help you recover all data that have been lost due to the crash of the operating system.

Devices that can be supported by FonePaw Data Recovery software are computers, hard drives, USB, memory cards, digital cameras, removable drives, and many more. This software can recover many kinds of files like video, audio, documents, images, archive, email. The file types that can be retrieved using this software can be in the form of JPG, PNG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, PSD, RAW, CRW, ARWCR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, DNG, ERF, AI, XCF, DWG, X3F, etc.

Benefits of using FonePaw Data Recovery software

  • Best data recovery Platform:-Looking for best data recovery software, your search destination ends with us. We provide user-friendly platform that are easy to understand and use to recover files.
  • Protection against data loss in computers:-If you want to recover your computer data that has been lost due to operating system failure, hard disk issues, data inaccessible due to formatting, FonePaw Data Recovery software provides an excellent platform for data recovery.
  • Compatible to all types all windows and Mac computers.
  • Available in different languages:-The software is available in several different languages for enhancing user-friendliness and reducing the language barrier across the world. They are available in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and French.
  • Easy installation or uninstallation wizard:- The wizard used for installation and uninstallation of the software is straightforward to understand and use. The user can select his preferred language for installation and use it without any complexity.
  • Easy registering process:- The registering procedure for the installation of FonePaw Data Recovery software is very easy.

Hence if you are looking for data recovery software for computers or android phones, then FonePaw Data Recovery software provides the best way to recover your lost data.

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