Fortnite Season 4 New Map Locations & Week 1 Challenges

Season 4 of Fortnite has arrived and with it we have new additions to the map as well as the first week of challenges. First let’s start with the map changes, yes Tilted Towers is still standing. It seems so many people were split on this, some love that area of the map and others hate it. The meteor did not hit Tilted Towers, but Dusty Depot instead. This has created Dusty Divot.

dusty divot

Dusty Divot is a huge crater, which has still left half of the warehouses that were part of Dusty Depot. There is some sort of research station in the middle of the crater. You’ll also find “Hop Rocks” a new small consumable that gives you temporary low-gravity boost. This allows you to jump higher and negate fall damage.

Another new area added to the map is Risky Reels. This is a drive-in theater which can be found in the north-east corner of the map, between Anarchy Acres and Wailing Woods.

Risky Reels 1

Other locations has been changed too, Lonely Lodge now has a mansion, Moisty Mires has been partially converted into a film set, and you’ll find small impact craters all over the map.

We also have listed below the seven Fortnite Week 1 challenges.

Fortnite week 1 challenges

  • Deal damage with sniper rifles to opponents 0/500 – 5 stars
    • A few headshots should do the trick, the higher rarity the sniper rifle the fewer shots it will take.
  • Search chests in Haunted Hills 0/7 – 5 stars
    • This will take at least a couple of unchallenged drops.
  • Use a Port-a-Fort 0/1 – 5 stars
    • Throw one down as soon as you find it for five easy Battle Stars.
  • Search F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters 0/8 – 5 stars
    • This will take some time, but here are the locations for all F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters:
      • F – on top of the red barn in Anarchy Acres
      • O – on top of the crane at the container depot between Retail Row and Tomato Town
      • R – along the southern side of Risky Reels
      • T – atop the lookout tower east of Salty Springs
      • N – in Tilted Towers, on top of a building in the southwest corner
      • I – above the central gazebo in Pleasant Park
      • T – floating above a statue in Haunted Hills
      • E – on the roof of a factory to the northeast of Flush Factory
  • Follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town 0/1 – 10 stars
    • Look for the sunken boat in the southeast corner of Loot Lake.
  • Pistol eliminations 0/3 – 10 stars
    • Harder than it sounds.
  • Eliminate opponents in Flush Factory 0/3 – 10 stars
    • Simple as it sounds: drop while it’s busy and hope to get a decent weapon.

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