We Could See An Intel Graphics Card at CES 2019

Intel has been working over the past 2 years on their GPU technology. According to the latest reports Intel has completed the first steps of this process and is now preparing for a big launch.

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While Intel has been working behind the scenes recently they have made some news with big hires, specifically from AMD, adding Raja Koduri, and Chris Hook. They have also hired Athlon and Ryzen CPU architect Jim Keller, who was working at Tesla until last week.

Sources have said to expect something late in the year with a big announcement to be placed on CES 2019 in January of 2019. This is where Intel could unveil their new GPU. This is going to be a big deal for gamers as NVIDIA really does not have much competition from Intel.

On top of that this could be where Intel enters the AI accelerator space, which could be a huge business for them.

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