Fractal Design DEFINE R5 Case Review

The Fractal Design Define R5 Computer Case is a smart machine, and the packaging is smart as well. Of course, I start to wonder why I do this phase of the review anymore as most cases except for a few are done to a high standard for the companies sake because once the case goes out the door they do not want to see it ever again. If a case gets broken during shipping or gets sent back for damages that can kill a company’s reputation and resale potential down the line. So for the most part there is a tried and true and very effective way of case packaging. A standard that all of the companies have learned to follow just from trial and error.

The box is double corrugated semi-water resistant box material. This type of box can soak up water if it is left in wet area for too long, so if you are buying this case online, then make sure the weather is going to be good on delivery day or have a great covered area at the house as it waits for your return home from work. This is the what I generally call the “drop in” type box and it is just enough for the shipment but I must say that it did take the” gorilla one handed drag” down the Fed Ex’s truck steps to get to my house so as the driver drug it off the truck and smiled at me, I ran quickly to meet him at his truck so he could not finish this substandard delivering technique.

Front of Box

Both sides of the case have the very handy “punch in” handles and the box does show that it is water resistant, break resistant, and has the ability to hold weight on top of it and I believe all of it, but the box is a little light weight as can be seen by the boxes condition as it was delivered from the truck door of the Fed Ex Delivery Vehicle. While I have looked over the box several times to look for defects I really don’t see any except for maybe a the double boxing could be upgraded some, but maybe it might be cost effective in the long run to keep it as is.

On one side there is a complete Product Specification list that denotes different modes of cooling systems that can fit with this case. The other side shows the Model Number, Serial Number, UPC, EAN and JAN numbers with a drawing of the case without the panels to show the inner workings of the case.

Sides of box

The back of the box has the full features of the case and an exploded view of the case and the way that the parts can be removed or moved over for every the case builder to instantly understand. This is a very modular case and the way it functions is clearly shown on the back of the box.

Back of Box

The Styrofoam type sides make up where the outer box leaves off. This Styrofoam is immensely pressed to the point you cannot even see the little balls that make up this type of material. It is rugged and light weight, just the way you should expect from a premium box like a Fractal Design.

Styro form Case enclosed

The bag is made of High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 4 plastic. This type of bag is good for what it is made for; which is to cover the case and keep dust, mud, and rain from getting into the case. This third stage of security of the case is a great way to save a case even that has been left in a torrential down pour of rain all day as the bag is solid and well made.

Case Bagged

Finally the window is very well protected from the elements and from scratches as both sides are covered very well with the self sticking type of plastic that sticks to other plastics with static and like glue but this stuff can be reused in the same way as long as it’s rolled up and kept away from dust and other contaminate. The windowed area showed up picture perfect and beautifully.

Window panel still covered

Overall I have to give the Fractal Design Define R5 Computer Case packaging The “BETTER” rating from my own Bad/Good/Better/Best scale for packaging.

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