Antec Mobile Products Lifecard Portable Battery Charger Review

It seems everyone I know has a portable battery charger these days. It first started with phone cases that has extra batteries on them and now it has evolved into a vast variety of portable battery chargers. Because of this and the popularity of mobile products many companies who we typically know for other products have started up mobile divisions. One such company is Antec. Antec Mobile Products covers all things mobile including Bluetooth speakers, portable battery chargers, headphones and more. Today we will be taking a look at their Lifecard, which is a smaller portable battery charger that also doubles as a card holder / money clip. Read on as we take a look…

Special thanks to Antec Mobile Products for providing us with the Lifecard to review.


The Lifecard comes in a pretty small box that is not much larger than the actual device itself. On the front it shows the Lifecard in action and lets us know that this is a 2000 mAh battery pack.

Antec Mobile Products Lifecard

The back of the box lists some of the main features, lets you know what all comes inside the box and gives you a quick run-down of the specifications.

Antec Mobile Products Lifecard

Opening the box up and getting everything out you have the Lifecard portable battery charger, USB to microUSB cable for charging the device, two silicone elastic bands, and a user’s guide.

Antec Mobile Products Lifecard

For a full unboxing and overview of the Lifecard be sure to check out our video below.

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