Fractal Design Define R6 Tempered Glass Case Review

Fractal Design’s Refine series focuses on providing a sleek and silent case that doesn’t cut corners with regards to quality and design. Previous releases like the Define R5 have been very popular with users wanting a high-end feature set that is paired up with near-silent operation. Today we are taking a look at Fractal Design’s latest case in the Define series, the R6. The Define R6 has been designed from the ground up and incorporates many of the features that the Define series is known for, like sound-dampened side panels, tons of fan filtering, and ModuVent technology, and adds popular new features like seamless tempered glass, and a built-in fan hub. Can the R6 continue to carry the torch for Fractal Design and their Define series? Let’s find out!

Special thanks to Fractal Design for providing the Define R6 review sample!

The Define R6 is available in a few different interior and exterior color configurations, and with either a standard non-window side panel, or a tempered glass side panel. We will be taking a look at the Define R6 Black with tempered glass version which has a mostly black color scheme, with just a few white accents here and there.

DefineR6 Specs1

The available color combinations are shown below, and give potential buyers a bit of choice when thinking about case aesthetics.

DefineR6 Specs2

Our Define R6 sample came to us nicely protected via both a standard cardboard case box, as well as an additional outer box. While we can’t confirm, this extra outer box may have been utilized to keep the wraps on the R6’s existence as opposed to adding additional protection.

FractalDesign R6 Box1 FractalDesign R6 Box2

Either way, the main box that houses the Define R6 is quite hefty and utilizes both standard molded styrofoam and open-cell foam to keep the case safe during transport.

FractalDesign R6 Box3

Included with the case are a nice user guide and a card that has information instructing you what to do if you receive a faulty product.

FractalDesign R6 Acc1

Additionally, a nicely packaged set of screws, standoffs, and other common interior hardware is included with the case. We really liked the attention to detail that Fractal Design put into the box. A well designed list of the included accessories is found on the back of the box, a far cry from most manufacturers that just throw everything into a small bag and let users guess what is used for what. It’s this type of effort that may seem insignificant that can really add up to an overall greater experience.

FractalDesign R6 Acc3 FractalDesign R6 Acc2