Raijintek Asterion Classic Case Review

Earlier this year we took a look at our first Raijintek case, the Thetis Window, and today we have our second, the Asterion Classic. This case definitely stands out with its sleek bushed aluminum front panel, dual tempered glass side panels, and support for large E-ATX motherboards. Supporting E-ATX motherboards means that you have a good amount of room inside to build a pretty kick-ass system. So is the Asterion Classic the perfect case for your next build? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Raijintek for providing us with the Asterion Classic to review.

asterion classic specs

The Asterion Classic comes in a pretty normal case box. It seems Raijintek uses the same box for both the Classic and Plus versions of the case. On the one side there are a couple pictures one of the case.

Raijintek Asterion Classic

On the opposite side you have two more pictures and a caution glass sticker as this case has two tempered glass side panels.

Raijintek Asterion Classic

The case comes protected by two large pieces of styrofoam and plastic.

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