Fractal Design Mood Case Review

Fractal Design has really stood out amongst case manufacturers over the past couple of years. While most have been making the aquarium-style cases with filled with tempered glass and RGB lighting, they have gone a different route. They have been creating very unique cases and really blend into their environment and make for a cozy aesthetic. We’ve seen this with their Terra, North, and Ridge cases. Fractal is adding another case to this list with Mood. This 20.4L case looks more like a high-end speaker with its fabric exterior, but don’t let that fool you, inside you have room for ITX motherboards, graphics cards as long as 325mm, and radiators up to 280mm. Using this case you’re system is going to look quite elegant on your desk. Let’s jump in and see what this case is all about!

Special thanks to Fractal Design for providing us with the Mood Case to review.

Fractal Design Mood Case Specifications

fractal design mood specs

Fractal Design Mood Packaging

The Mood comes in a pretty standard case box that is not much larger than the chassis itself. It simply says “Mood” on it. On the side is the Fractal Design logo and it does let us know we have the black version of the case.

Fractal Design Mood Case Fractal Design Mood Case

Opening the box up you find the case nicely packaged and protected. Inside we also find our user’s guide and accessories. The case is going to come with all of your mounting hardware, cable straps, cable ties, an optional 2.5-inch bracket, and a .5-inch bracket.

Fractal Design Mood Case Fractal Design Mood Case

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