Free iTunes Radio is No More

A little while back Apple confirmed that it will be canceling its free iTunes Radio streaming service by the end of this month and today marks the day that the free service has been taken offline. Now the iTunes Radio service is not dead, but now it will be a paid service called Apple Music.


iTunes Radio first came onto the scene with the release of iOS 7 and has had millions of users worldwide. For some reason Apple has decided to not make the service free anymore, but instead require users to sign up for Apple Music which cost $9.99 a month or $14.99 a month if you want the family plan.

If you are not about the $9.99 a month fee, which I’m sure most of you aren’t you can still listen for free on Apple’s new Beats 1 radio station. This station streams music 24/7, live, and has many different show hosts and celebrities. But of course you are going to loose all of those iTunes Radio features you once loved, and had for free.

If you own an iOS device and happen to try and open iTunes Radio you will be met with the following prompt:


So it looks like Apple is trying to get more people on Apple Music by getting rid of the free iTunes Radio option. What do you guys think? There are still plenty of free streaming radio services out there though!

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