Frequently asked questions about tortoise shell glasses you should know

Modern classic or retro revival is what comes to mind when tortoise shell glasses are mentioned. This is among the eyeglasses that most individuals like; what’s there not to like about this phenomenal and stylish set? This will be the ideal set if you are considering something vintage to use as an accessory for your throwback fashion. These glasses come in different colors and shapes to accommodate people of different skin tones and face shapes. The different patterns are what make them famous. Let’s dive into understanding these epic eyeglasses.

Are tortoise shell glasses a fashion accessory in 2022?

Do you know what tortoise shell glasses are? Have you ever owned a pair, or would this be the first time you are hearing about them? Tortoise shell glasses give a vintage vibe and are an ideal accessory for retro outfits. One unique feature of these glasses is their timeless nature. Back in the day, these glasses were worn by bold women; they were nerd glasses for women in office, women that took up tasks and jobs that were masculine. They were used to make a statement. Decades down the line, these types of glasses are still classic; they are used for fun as sunnies and prescription glasses. The only change that has occurred is the material that is used to make them; back in the day, they were designed using tortoise shells. Activists questioned this as they cited it was promoting poaching. Over time there were innovations of materials close to the animal shells used in making these glasses.

What colors are these glasses available in?

Back in the 2000s, the glasses came in dark brown prints. However, there have been new designs over time, though they are all made to mimic tortoise shells. There are different tortoise species that have different color patterns; the designers are tasked with conducting research so that these prints can be incorporated into the designs even though the materials used are not actual tortoise shells. Stained acetates are the commonly used material as the use of actual shells is illegal.

What are the common patterns and colors of tortoise shell glasses?

Blue, white and brown patterns are the most common colors of tortoise shell glasses. This does not mean they cannot be made using other complementary colors.

Blue shell tortoise patterns.

These tortoise shell glasses are designed with a black background that has blue flakes mounted on them. Other flakes, such as gold, silver, and copper, can be added to compliment the blue.

White tortoise shell patterns.

These are bold tortoise shell glasses; they are often worn by individuals that enjoy wearing bold and bright colors. These glasses have a black background combined with white flakes. This pattern is the least famous though it is quite attractive.

Brown shell patterns.

These are the most famous patterns. Even when tortoise shell glasses were made from actual shells, they came in this pattern. The background is brown and can be combined with other colors. Brown works well with most skin tones, and this makes these glasses quite famous.

What’s the ideal face for tortoise shell glasses?

Though they are hardly spoken of, heart-shaped faces are perfect for tortoise shell glasses. These individuals have wide foreheads and pointed chins. These frames highlight the cheekbones and the jawline. The brown patterns, in particular, make people with both dark and light skin tones stand out. This does not mean that people with other face types cannot wear tortoise shell glasses. You can always try these glasses out but be sure they match your outfit and hair color if possible.