How Important Are Math Skills for Programming?

The profession of a programmer is becoming more and more popular. Competition is growing among IT companies and programmers. When hiring a programmer, the employer will first evaluate the level of knowledge and skills. However, there are many “self-taught programmers” limited to narrow specialization.

Specializations of programmers multiply and develop. Programmers specializing in one area of ​​applications can’t always understand their colleagues working in another area. It seems that both programming languages ​​and technologies are the same. Still, application areas can be radically different from each other.

Knowing programming languages ​​and technologies to write specialized programs is not enough. You need to be also well-versed in the area the software product is being developed for. Recently, there has been a need for mathematical formalization in the subject area of study.

The roles of developers are diverse, and mathematics is widely used. People with good mathematical backgrounds succeed in programming because they usually know how to develop logical problem-solving skills. Moreover, if you have trouble understanding some topic, you can always ask a math IA writer for help. Math skills are very important, so don’t ignore them. What specialties require math knowledge the most?

How Math Will Make You a Better Programmer

Many say it is impossible to be a successful developer without understanding mathematics. Others argue that effective programming requires good mathematical ground. The truth is in between.

Some software developments demand a higher level of math knowledge. The machine learning engineer must understand math better than the web developer. So, a good mathematical basis is useful. Yet, it is not critical for each developer’s job.

  1. Mobile application developer

Mobile application developers may need high mathematical skills depending on the kind of application. You will need mathematical knowledge to develop a mathematics-based mobile application for calculating budget metrics or weather forecasts. Yet, if you develop a mobile app that doesn’t require mathematics, such as a hotel booking application, you don’t need to know mathematics.

  1. Game developer

You should have good knowledge of math – from linear algebra to statistics. Games require many mathematical calculations. You will have to work on rather complex projects to become a specialist in a large company.

When developing a character for a game, you need to think about how this character will move in the game and interact with other characters. One of the most difficult mathematical problems game developers have to solve is calculating 3D scenes and modeling the behavior of complex networks of objects. Math skills are necessary.

  1. Front-end web developer

A front-end web developer lays the backbone of a web resource according to the web designer’s layouts, works out the design, organizes and debugs the program code, eliminates inaccuracies and bugs, and automates the project. This specialist is responsible for the compliance of the result with the idea and for ensuring that the resource looks equally presentable in all browsers and works as it should. To succeed in the profession, you must be interested in programming, design, English, and mathematics. You also need to be prepared for constant learning.

  1. AI/ML developer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning developers create algorithms that allow computers to improve. They do it by providing data that computers can research and understand. All this data comes from different sources.

These developers usually need knowledge of complex mathematics such as linear algebra, analysis, and statistics. They should also know how to write code in different programming languages. In addition, many apps include modeling and simulation. It creates a model of the real thing and simulates its behavior. It is complex. Poorly written code or inaccuracies can cause the model to behave differently than intended.

  1. Back-end web developer

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The programmer of this direction is engaged in the internal side of programs, websites, applications, and information systems. The developer ensures the correct operation of the hardware and software of any service. It is important that the database interacts correctly with the application code and is continuously delivered to the server. The back-end developer is responsible for this.

It is necessary to know the basics of algebra and geometry. In addition, since back-end development often involves formulas and calculations, it is necessary to understand the basics of trigonometric functions and analysis.


In daily development, mathematical understanding is an advantage but not an obstacle to starting working in IT. For many specialists, mathematics is not the most important thing. Developers must think critically and determine the problems to be solved. In other words, being a highly qualified specialist means solving equations, thinking independently, and getting along well with others. Therefore, if you want to become a developer, even if you are not strong in math, there is nothing to prevent you from doing this. Still, it is a great advantage if you are good at math.