GALAX Announces Its First Single-Slot GeForce RTX 40 GPU

NVIDIA’s mid-range selection, featuring GeForce RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 SKUs, now offers gamers a diverse array of options. Board partners have rolled out triple and dual-fan designs, alongside Mini-ITX and low-profile versions. Notably, GALAX unveiled a distinctive single-slot design, initially previewed on their China website a month ago. While initial details and images for the RTX 4060 Ti Max 16GB Unparalleled Max were shared a month ago, the official announcement occurred today.


Sporting a blower-style design with a lone fan, GALAX asserts that this card offers an unmatched experience, blending a sleek profile with impressive performance. However, the validity of these performance claims awaits real-world verification, with the actual user experience contingent on the cooler’s effectiveness.

The RTX 4060 Ti MAX represents the introduction of the first single-slot RTX 40 GPU. Beyond being the pioneer in single-slot design, it boasts the slimmest profile to date, measuring a mere 20 mm thick. The cooler adopts a vapor chamber design with an all-copper heatsink, although no visuals of this design have been disclosed. While the PCB incorporates a standard 6+2 VRM and a 6-layer layout, Galax intriguingly affirms overclocking support. Notably, the model ships with a default clock of 2535 MHz.


In this release, Galax has chosen to feature the RTX 4060 Ti equipped with 16GB of memory. Notably, there’s no indication of an 8GB model or the inclusion of the RTX 4060 non-Ti for compatibility with this cooler. Technically, it should support both, considering the 4060 Ti 16GB variant has a 165W TGP design, while the 4060 Ti 8GB is at 160W, and the 4060 8GB is rated at 115W.