GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 HOF With Dual 16-pin And 666W Power Limit Goes Official

GALAX is introducing two new cards today: OC Lab and OC Lab Plus. The second one is the best HOF GPU because it has a higher boost clock. It may be “the most powerful” RTX 4090 on the market, but certainly not the quickest out of box. With the BIOS switched to Performance mode, the GPU is set to 2625 MHz, implying that the ASUS ROG STRIX OC or MSI SUPRIM Liquid is still quicker with their factory overclocking of 2640 MHz.

When P-mode is activated, however, the GPU power limit is increased to 666W, which is 66W greater than the ROG STRIX. This is feasible since the RTX 4090 HOF is the only RTX 40 graphics card with two 16-pin (12VHPWR) connections on the market. As previously stated, there are two variants, with the OC Lab Plus being the speedier. Official specifications show that the OC Lab edition is only 30 MHz slower, which is the sole difference. This card has the same power limit and packages as the Plus version.

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GALAX features two advertising images of the power supply arrangement. The card comes with two adapters, meaning eight 8-pin PCIe power cables are necessary for power sources that do not support the 12VHPWR standard natively. The other image shows both the original cable and the adaptor in action. It also has the HOF Panel III, a full-color detachable panel powered by a separate USB cord.

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In actuality, the OC BIOS switch is a button that can be found on the I/O bracket. When the ‘Hyper Boost’ mode is active, it will light up. GALAX reveals that the RTX 4090 HOF contains 9 heat pipes either 8 or 6 mm, two 112 mm exterior fans, and a 92 mm core fan for cooling. However, most users of these GPUs will undoubtedly remove the cooler to add liquid nitrogen pots. Ultimately, the Hall of Fame series is all about overclocking to extreme levels. This explains why we’ve seen photographs from early testing and world record attempts, many of which were successful.

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The company has yet to verify the HOF GPUs’ availability and cost, but they will undoubtedly be among the most expensive RTX 4090s.

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Image Credits: Videocardz