Galax GTX 980 HOF WC Prototype Shown Off

Galax is very well known for their Hall of Fame series graphics cards. These cards represent the top of the line graphics from Galax are some of the fastest cards available. For the GTX 980 HOF WC Galax has teamed with Diamond Cooling to come up with a truly impressive card. You have the typical white PCB from Galax and Diamond Cooling has come up with an ice white block for the card.

Galax  GTX 980 HOF WC

Diamond Cooling has said that, “We have changed the design internally slightly after initial testing. But this block has good cooling performance. We expect to be taking pre-orders very soon. We do this to get a certain idea of how big the demand is so we can create a first batch”

The full-cover water block will cool all of the components on the card and will allow for a very impressive factory overclock and even more overclocking headroom after that. These are the first prototypes and they will come in both a full copper base version and a nickel-plated copper base version.

Galax  GTX 980 HOF WC

Diamond Cooling has also given these details on the design on the water block:

– Full copper base
– Nickel plated base
– Microfin cooling solution
– ACTIVE cooling of ALL components
– White POM top
– Water channels designed to have a similar flow no matter which port is used as the in- or outlet of the block.

There are also plans for a similar water block for the Galax GTX 970 HOF edition. The new GALAX GTX 980 HOF WC is expected to go on sale in January or possibly February.

Source: Diamond Cooling via eTeknix | News Archive

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