GALAX RTX 4090 20th Anniversary Edition Becomes The First Desktop GPU To Feature An HDMI Retimer Chip

As per GALAX, the RTX 4090 20th Anniversary Edition marks a groundbreaking development in desktop cards by incorporating an HDMI retimer chip, enhancing the quality of long-distance HDMI connections.

HDMI retimers have a diverse range of applications and can be integrated into source, sink (receiving), and repeater devices. They play a vital role in mitigating signal noise and jitter to ensure optimal performance for high-bandwidth connections. HDMI retimers are commonly employed in gaming consoles and laptops that require extended connections to external displays, such as televisions. This distinguishes them from typical computer graphics cards, which are typically connected to nearby monitors.

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GALAX’s commemorative anniversary edition of the RTX 4090, released in celebration of the company’s presence in China, makes use of the Parade PS8419 chip as its HDMI retimer. This chip offers comprehensive support for the HDMI 2.1 standard, boasting a Fixed Data Link of 12 Gbps, which is essential for achieving higher uncompressed resolutions beyond 4K60, and an impressive bandwidth of 48 Gbps, as claimed by the company. While the RTX 4090 GPU might not inherently demand this feature, it guarantees full compliance with the HDMI 2.1 standard, potentially obviating the necessity for additional devices.


It’s important to mention that this retimer feature is exclusive to a single HDMI port, while the card continues to provide three DisplayPort 1.4a connectors. In terms of hardware design, the revealed PCB showcases a power stage configuration of 24+4, delivering power to the AD102-301 GPU and the 24GB of GDDR6X memory.

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The RTX 4090 20th Anniversary card offers more than just the retimer – it showcases a triple-fan design, with one fan positioned on the opposite side, reminiscent of NVIDIA Founder Edition models. Furthermore, it incorporates a concealed 12VHPWR connector tucked beneath a small, magnetically attached cover, contributing to its sleek and tidy design.

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However, it’s important to note that the primary concern with this card is its availability. GALAX has stated that this model is not anticipated to be released in the global market; instead, it is specifically designed for the Chinese market.

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