Games development: how do I start creating a game?

To successfully develop a game, you’ll need to fully understand all the steps required in order to ensure an excellent final product. As such, it’s important that the creator recognises that each step must be respected, no matter how small it may seem.

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The creation of an online game requires various types of steps that must be followed to ensure a suitable end product. Though it may appear complicated at first, it’s usually not too difficult once you’ve acquired the right knowledge.

The teams at Stages of Video Game Development and even Nintendo attest to the importance of respecting every step if you want good results. By skipping steps, you run the risk of failing to create what you had in mind.

How do you develop a game?

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The video-game creation process is known as games development and involves design, programming, audio and art in general. Throughout the project, various types of steps must be implemented – vital for achieving the right end product.

It’s worth pointing out that there’s a significant difference between games development and design. Games design is the creation of the video game’s basic concept, determining the final product’s aesthetics and style – considering characters, plot and the design of each of the levels. Meanwhile, games development produces the elements, processes and steps that come together to create the video game as a whole.

What do you need to create a video game?

To create a video game, you’ll need a wide variety of resources, including the following:

  • Equipment: Your equipment’s capacity is vital for the video game’s successful development.
  • Development programs: You should have specific programs installed in order to be able to correctly develop the game.
  • Planning and structure: Planning and structure shouldn’t be neglected, as these are central to proper development.
  • Steps to follow: The steps to be followed during the development of a game are divided into production and post-production.
  • Platforms: Choosing the platform through which the video game will be distributed will be decisive in order to reach your consumer audience as easily and securely as possible.
  • Monetisation: Without a doubt, monetisation should be considered when it comes to creating a video game, as this will serve as your principal means of obtaining profits, making it possible to develop new projects.
  • Online publication: The final step is to publish your video game online, putting it in the hands of the consumer audience.

All steps to creating a game are important, from the initial idea that gives life to the project, right up to marketing or publication for download, allowing the end consumer to enjoy it on their mobile devices.