Gaming Friday: Counter-Strike Source – GunGame Deathmatch

We here at ThinkComputers are very avid gamers. So each Friday we will be covering a game that should help you get through the weekend. The games will range from new games to classics that we still love to play. They also are not limited to just PC games either. If you have a game you think we should cover check out the Gaming Friday thread in the forums.

I’m sure most people have heard of Counter-Strike Source, it is one of the most played and most competitive video games out there. Many people are turned off from the game because of the competitive nature of it, but there are a lot of fun modes out there that focus on just killing and fun. One of my favorites has to be GunGame Deathmatch. Read on to see what this game is all about!

Well let’s go over the basics of GunGame Deathmatch. First off the GunGame part. In GunGame you start out with a pistol and if you kill someone your gun is instantly upgraded to the next gun all the way up to the AWP. Once you get to the top of the list of guns you have to kill someone with a grenade then knife someone to win the match.


Of course there are some fun things thrown in with this. If you are knifed you lose a level, which means your gun goes down to the one you previously had. There are people that simply run around knifing people so they get bumped down a level. Also in some servers it takes not one, but 2 kills to get up to the next level.


There is regular GunGame, where if you die you have to wait for the round to be over. This can be very annoying, especially if you just want some action! Deathmatch allows you to do this, if you are killed you just respawn and the match ends when someone completes the knife level. This keeps the action moving, on average matches last around 15 – 20 minutes.


One thing that I really like about GunGame Deathmatch servers are the maps. They are designed specifically for GunGame and are so much fun! If you are looking for non-stop fun check out some GunGame Deathmatch servers tonight!


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