Gaming Friday: Rage Quit

I’m sure many of your are familiar with the term “Rage Quit”. Basically what it means is playing a video game, getting so mad at it and flipping out before quitting. I’m sure if you play games you have seen this happen or even done it yourself. It is hilarious when it happens. The guys over at Rooster Teeth (makers of the Red vs. Blue series) actually have a show called Rage Quit. In the show they have their subject Michael play very hard or difficult games till he flips out. A friend sent me a Rage Quit video a few weeks ago and since then I’ve watched everyone that they have produced.

I would have to say my favorite two Rage Quit videos are Dark Souls and

Right now there are about 60 Rage Quit videos so that should definitely keep you satisfied for a while. Michael himself is a pretty interesting and unique guy. The story behind how he was able to land his dream job at Rooster Teeth is actually pretty cool. He explains it in this interview taken at Comic Con last year.

It definitely shows you that you don’t have to make games to work in the video game industry. In any case hope you enjoy checking out the Rage Quit videos and we will see everyone next week!

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