Gaming Friday: Getting to Level 20 in Realm of the Mad God

Just a few weeks ago we talked about Realm of the Mad God, the “co-op fantasy mmo shooter” from Wild Shadow Studios.  Even since then a lot of us here at ThinkComputers have been playing the game.  I myself have unlocked all of the character classes, had many level 20 characters, explored many of the dungeons and even defeated Oryx a few times.  Even though I’ve had some awesome characters with great gear I ended up dying and when you die in the game you are permanently dead.  This is a real bummer, but it does keep the game interested.  When you start a new character the first thing you want to do is get back up to level 20 so in this Gaming Friday I will be going over some of the easiest way to reach level 20.

To show you how easy it is to get to level 20 in the game check out the video below.  It goes over everything you will need to know to get to level 20.

I would say the easiest way to get to level 20 is to get into a realm and find a train.  What is a train you ask?  A train is a large group of people running around the map together killing everything in sight.  These are pretty easy to spot if you zoom out on the map.  The reason they are so effective and easy to participate in is that they are usually filled with a lot of people so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting killed, even if you are level 1.  Also trains follow the paths on the map so they are very easy to follow.  So next time you want to level up fast get on the train!


Another way to get a lot of experience points and level up is hang out in the center of the map.  Here you will find many higher level bosses.  Even if you are a lower level character if you are hanging out with a group in the center of the map you should be fine, just make sure you don’t get hit that many times.  When the bosses die you will get more more XP than you would killing normal enemies.  So if you want to level up fast and there is not a train going on this is a good place to go.


Every so often when you are in a realm you will experience what seems like an earthquake, but it is actually Oryx summoning everyone in the realm to his castle.  This happens once all of the quest monsters in the realm have been killed.  Even if you are a low level character stay in his castle and rack up the XP.  My advice would be to stay back until you reach a higher level.  Although as you saw in the video above I did not take my own advice!

Finally make sure you use your vault.  If you pick up good gear that may not be for your current character class teleport back to the nexus and put it in your vault.  Next time you start a character you will have some good gear that will help you out.  This way you won’t have to worry about getting killed so easily and you may have one of the speed rings that will help you keep up the train when you are a low level.


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Realm of the Mad god you can check out our review of it here and you can play it for free on or on Steam.  Do you want a walkthrough or guide on something in Realm of the Mad God? Let us know in the comments!

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