Gaming Friday: Realm of the Mad God

It is Friday and you know what that mean, it is Gaming Friday!  Today we have a really awesome game that I found out about last week at FITES LANFest and I haven’t stopped playing it since.  The game is coined as a “co-op fantasy mmo shooter”.  So can you really combine all of those things together and come out with a good game?  Well I sure think so and so does Wild Shadow Studios the independent developer of the game.  After playing this game once you will keep on coming back, oh and did I mention it has the classic 8-bit theme to it?  Read on to see what Realm of the Mad God is all about.

One thing that is great about Realm of the Mad God is that it is free to play and you can either download the client through steam or simply play it in your browser by going to  Also you can login to your account using either your browser or the steam client so no matter where you are you can always be using the same character.  When you first log into the game you start out with the Wizard class.  All other classes become unlocked by playing the game and reaching certain levels.  Your progress is always saved so if you close the game your character will be saved.


The video below gives you a basic run-down of the game and shows what it is all about.

The first thing you notice when you get into the game is that it has that 8-bit style to it.  This not only makes it look cool, but also makes the game more about the actual gameplay than graphics.  On the far right you have your mini map, level progress, HP and MP meters, your attributes, your inventory and the people in your party.


The controls are simple enough, wasd to move and your mouse to shoot.  This game is all about ranged attacks, every class uses ranged attacks.  Our Archer of course uses a bow and arrows.  You can activate your special move by pressing the spacebar.  Each class has a different special attack.

The the game you go into different realms where you will find enemies and quests.  Quests appear as red indicators and you just simply defeat the boss that is highlighted to complete the quest.  As you kill enemies you will gain experience and sometimes enemies will drop loot for you to pickup.  The fighting system in this game is extremely simple.  You dodge bullets and whatever else is being shot at you and you try to shoot the enemy.  The game can get pretty crazy when there are a lot of characters on the screen and they are all trying to kill you.


The level cap is set at 20, this may seem low but it is this way for a reason.  When you die in the game you are permanently dead.  That means you have to start all over again at level 1.  This makes things interesting as you have to really pay attention to your life meter.  The gameplay gets really interesting when you play with other people.  There is no official party system, but when you are around someone you are in their party so if they kill someone you get the experience points as well.  I’ve seen huge parties with well over 50 people going around killing enemies and leveling up.

The Nexus acts as a town hall and you can store items in your vault that you can use with any character.  Also in the Nexus you can trade items, buy things and of course get into the different realms.

I keep on coming back to this game for the simple and easy gameplay, and hell it is a lot of fun!  Give it a try, what do you have to lose…it is a free game!

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