Gaming Friday: Payday The Heist

Have you ever thought about robbing a bank, c’mon I know you have.  This is just one of the scenarios that you are able to play out online with friends or in single player mode on Payday: The Heist.  This first-person shooter is unlike others where you are fighting in a war, against aliens, or in some arena.  Here you are able to play the bad guys and break the law and six action-packed and thrilling scenarios, one of which is robbing a bank.  Read on to see what this game is all about!

Payday: The Heist is available on Steam for $19.99.  Once you get the game the first level or map that you will most likely play will be The First World Bank.  As you might have guessed you will be robbing it.  Check out the video below to see me playing that entire level.

You start outside the bank dressed as civilians and you make your way into the back trying not to tip off the guards (something that was poorly executed in the video above).  Once you find the bank manager you pull out your gun, put your mask on and the heist has started.  Unlike many first person shooters in this one you have objectives.  For example on this map you need to get the key card off the bank manager, get the drill and Thermite out of the copier, start the drill downstairs, erase the video footage, use the Thermite to burn a hole through the floor into the vault, take the cash and make it to your get away car.  Keep in mind you need to do this all while controlling hostages, surviving police and SWAT assaults and within a specific time period.


Certain objectives like the drill especially take time so you need to setup the drill and come back and check on it.  It will jam from time to time and that can completely halt the heist if you do not start it back up.  All while you are completing these objectives the police and SWAT will try to take the bank back.  You will need to fight back and maintain your position without being killed or taken into custody.  Most times it starts out small with the police, then SWAT comes.  With SWAT there are some special units that take some time to kill, they are cloakers, bulldozers and tasers.

You have a simple heath bar.  When it runs out you get downed and your teammates can help you back up.  If they are not around or choose not to help you back up you are taken into custody.  This means you are taken out of the game for a certain period of time.  You are able to be traded for other hostages at certain times during the game, this will bring you back into the game.  You take hostages by telling them to get on the ground then tying them up.


The game is somewhat realistic when it comes to the guns and ammunition.  Your guns do have limited ammunition and someone in your group better start the level with an ammo bag or you will most likely run out.  This has happened many time when I was playing and it is damn hard to take on an entire SWAT team with a simple pistol.  Besides just ammo bags you can also start the level with a health bag as well.

When you start the game you get a simple pistol and machine gun and your reputation is set at 0.  As you level up or gain reputation, you will be able to unlock different guns, accessories and other things that will help you complete the missions easier.

This game is all about teamwork and if you are playing with friends online it can be a huge thrill and a lot of fun.  For only $19.99 on steam it is well worth the money!

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