Gaming Rig Powered By Overclocked 8 GHz Core i9-14900KF Runs Counter-Strike 2 At 900-1300 FPS

Intel’s marketing highlighted the overclocking capabilities of their 14th Gen Core series. The overclocking community quickly put this claim to the test, achieving a new world record of 9.04 GHz for the highest frequency on a consumer processor. It’s worth mentioning that these world records primarily involve reaching peak frequencies using lightweight software and don’t necessarily reflect real-world usage scenarios.

14900K CS2 4

During IEM Sydney, a remarkable overclocking attempt occurred. The Australian overclocking team combined a discrete GPU, possibly an RTX 4090, with the latest Core i9-14900KF CPU, which boasts a maximum boost clock of 6.0 GHz. Team AU’s overclockers successfully pushed the CPU’s clock speed to 8 GHz across all P-cores while disabling E-Cores, resulting in an impressive average frame rate ranging from 900 to 1300 FPS in Counter-Strike 2, as demonstrated in their videos.

Adding to the intrigue, the responsibility of filling the pot with liquid nitrogen was entrusted to Roger Chandler. He oversees Intel’s Client Computing Group’s Enthusiast PC and Workstation segment. Notably, Roger was the one who originally introduced the new Intel 14th Gen Core series.

14900K CS2 3

The Core i9-14900K achieving frame rates exceeding 1,300 FPS in Counter-Strike 2 was not the sole highlight of SXSW Sydney 2023. Team.AU also set a new DDR5 world record by aggressively pushing Gigabyte’s DDR5-8333 16GB memory module to DDR5-11618. Unlike the Counter-Strike 2 record, the system was on the edge of stability, leading to a BSOD shortly after reaching this frequency. Fortunately, they managed to submit the result to HWbot in the nick of time, resulting in a fresh DDR5 overclocking world record.

It wasn’t just a benchmark test; it was a live, real-time gaming session. In fact, during the presentation, one of the attendees actively engaged in the game, achieving kills along the way.