Geforce GTX 870M Chip Exposed, Possibly Maxwell

A photo of a GeForce GTX 870M has surfaced, along with a GPU-Z screenshot. What is interesting about this is that the codename on the chip does not match anything that we have known before and the chip is not in the Techpowerup database. So what is this chip we are looking at?


Two months ago we reported on leaked CLEVO slides that detailed the entire Maxwell Mobility lineup. Soon after we learned that the GTX 880M was nothing more than a rebranded Kepler GTX 780M, so no Maxwell there. At this time the details for the GeForce GTX 870M were revealed and it was said to have 3GB of VRAM, which was also confirmed by the Techpowerup database. The codename mentioned was also “N15P-GT-A2”. Now take a look at the GPU-Z screenshot below.


As you can see the codename is not “N15P-GT-A2”, but is “N15E-GT-A2”. Also the VRAM is not 3GB, but 6GB much like the original leaked slides had revealed. You can see that GPU-Z cannot properly recognize the chip at all. It should be able to tell the process, die size, transistors and DirectX support. Interestingly enough the “N15E” codename was reserved for the 880M flagship GPU in the original leaked slides.

So is this Maxwell? Only time will tell…

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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