GeForce RTX 3050 6GB Listed By Retailer In Austria For €245

The recently sighted GeForce RTX 3050, featuring 6GB of memory, has surfaced in Europe. Early predictions of its launch in the first quarter, potentially as soon as February, have been confirmed. NVIDIA and its board partners are currently completing their cost-effective designs.

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The MSI RTX 3050 model from the Ventus 2X series listed in Austria has a surprisingly high price of €245, appearing unexpectedly more costly than the original 8GB version. Despite the unusual pricing, the listing affirms the imminent availability of this graphics card.

Regarding specifications, it seems the store has based its details on information supplied by the distributor, which, may not be entirely precise. The card is anticipated to feature 2304 CUDA cores, indicating a 10% decrease compared to the 8GB variant. Notably, there are substantial reductions in memory bandwidth (25% less) and power (46% reduction).


Despite the retailer indicating a 130W TDP, the specifications we’ve previously observed imply it’s a 70W TDP model. Any TDP exceeding 100W would cast doubt on earlier leaks concerning the passively cooled Palit KalmX version.

Earlier speculations suggest the card should be priced at $179, making it over $60 cheaper than the 8GB version at its launch. While the RTX 3050 8GB model seems to be gradually vanishing from stores, the comparable Ventus 2X model from MSI is currently priced at $219. Therefore, it’s evident that the listed price is not accurate.

Source: E-Tec