GeForce RTX 50 Series Appears On EEC; Submissions Range From RTX 5090 Ti To RTX 5050

Once again, AFOX has submitted an entire lineup of upcoming RTX 50 GPUs at EEC, to some extent. However, before exploring the EEC submissions, it’s important to clarify that AFOX lacks an official board partner status with NVIDIA. This becomes apparent when you realize that AFOX doesn’t even follow NVIDIA’s product packaging guidelines (which is likely the most efficient method of distinguishing authentic partners from counterfeit ones). Instead, it operates as one of numerous Asian-based companies that employ graphics cards supplied by OEMs, incorporating their branding onto these cards.

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This indicates that AFOX probably doesn’t have direct access to NVIDIA’s future plans. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped them from getting ready for the upcoming next-gen GPU launch. Recently, the company has submitted a wide range of potential configurations within the GeForce RTX 50 series, which include names like RTX 5090 Ti, RTX 5080, and even RTX 5050. It’s important to emphasize that this doesn’t necessarily mean a new series launch is imminent. Instead, it reflects AFOX’s proactive approach in submitting these options to the EEC regulatory body, in case NVIDIA decides to introduce such GPUs down the line.

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This is not the first time AFOX has submitted numerous models to the EEC. A comparable situation took place in 2020, involving a Russian company linked to AFOX listing models like Radeon RX 5950 without direct input from AFOX HQ. Consequently, this post doesn’t validate AFOX’s intentions; rather, it serves as a reminder to approach reports about these listings with caution, especially for GeForce enthusiasts.

However, it’s important to remember that AFOX doesn’t currently possess knowledge about any RTX 50 series lineup. This holds true for all board partners since NVIDIA typically doesn’t make definitive decisions on future GPU names this early. In this regard, AFOX’s informed speculation is on par with that of anyone else.

Source: EEC