GeIL Announces Super Luce DDR4 Enthusiast Memory Series

GeIL announced its top-of-the-line Super Luce Enthusiast DDR4 memory series. The Super Luce series, is equipped with the patented iLuce Thermal-beaming technology. Users will be able to observe real-time temperature condition of memory modules right through different LED breathing-light tempos, directly from the Super Luce heat-spreader.

GeIL Super Luce DDR4 Enthusiast Memory Series

As the working temperature of the memory rises, the tempo of the breathing-light goes up in five different levels, Level 1 is with the mildest tempo and the lowest temperature rand of below 40°C, while Level 5 being the most rapid, with the the highest temperature range of above 55°C.

GeIL Super Luce DDR4 Enthusiast Memory Series

The following are the different temperature ranges with the corresponding breathing-light beats per minute of the five levels:

Level 1: <40°C - 13 bpm Level 2: 40-50°C - 60 bpm Level 3: 45-50°C - 80 bpm Level 4: 50-55°C - 120 bpm Level 5: >55°C – 200 bpm

Super Luce is available in three different LED color scheme designs – White, Red, and Blue. These color schemes are to provide users with the flexibility of visually matching with the different high-end motherboard color schemes. Covering speeds from 2666 MHz to upwards of 3400 MHz, Super Luce is not only the ultimate DDR4 memory that delivers eye-catching aesthetics and hardware performance. Together with the iLuce Thermal-beaming technology, Super Luce will bring your gaming station to life.

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