Gigabyte Announces AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD

Gigabyte recently unveiled the new AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD, featuring an M.2 2280 form factor. Utilizing a PCIe 5.0 controller and high-speed 3D-TLC NAND Flash, this SSD offers over 70% better performance compared to PCIe 4.0 SSDs. Its simple installation and excellent capability, along with the advanced M.2 Thermal Guard Extreme thermal design, make it an ideal option for gamers, content creators, and power users.

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New motherboard platforms with PCIe 5.0 support elevate both bandwidth and transfer performance to new heights. Featuring the latest Phison PS5026-E26 8-channel controller, the AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD offers enhanced control over random read speeds. Its 232-layer 3D-TLC NAND Flash and built-in LPDDR4 cache, combined with PCIe 5.0 capabilities, achieve ultra-fast access speeds of 12 GB/s—a remarkable 70% increase over its predecessor. Additionally, thanks to AORUS optimized Direct Storage support, this SSD delivers next-level performance and improved stability.

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Typically, high-speed SSDs tend to produce heat, potentially causing throttling during full-speed usage. This can lead to diminished storage performance, and in some cases, data loss or controller damage. In contrast, the AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD features an excellent thermal solution, M.2 Thermal Guard Extreme, ensuring users can enjoy performance without throttling and with the added assurance of reliability. Moreover, the SSD’s separate packaging design from the heatsink provides users with flexibility, enabling them to choose between their motherboard’s built-in heatsink or the enclosed heatsink of the AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD.

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Furthermore, GIGABYTE’s exclusive GCC application offers an SSD monitoring feature that delivers real-time status updates on the AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD. This empowers users to make the most of the SSD’s performance, thermal management, stability, and capability. To fully unlock the remarkable 12GB/s read speed, it’s highly recommended to pair the AORUS Gen5 12000 SSD with GIGABYTE’s PCIe 5.0 supported motherboards.

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Source: Gigabyte