Gigabyte Intel 400-Series Motherboards Show up at the ECC

Gigabyte is preparing for Intel’s launch of their Comet-Lake-S processors. Motherboards featuring Z490, H470/Q470, B460, and H410 chipsets have been listed at the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission). The Intel Z490 chipset will be the top-end chipset, which will be geared towards gamers and enthusiasts.

gigabyte ecc

H470 is going to be a slight step down and could possibly lack multi-GPU and CPU overclocking support. Q470 will be the same except it will offer certain enterprise-level features. B460 is the mid-range chipset, likely targeting users who won’t be overclocking their CPU. Coming in at the entry-level is H410 which will basically get you started.

Looking at the list while there are quite a few boards it seems it is only a partial list as there are not enough AORUS boards there.

Via VideoCardz

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