Gigabyte Is Ready With Intel Z790 “X” Motherboards For Raptor Lake Refresh

Gigabyte recently unveiled a fresh BIOS update for their Intel 600/700 motherboards, designed for the LGA1700 socket. The purpose of this update, according to the company, is to enable compatibility with Intel’s upcoming CPUs. However, it’s worth mentioning that the term “next generation” may be overstated, since the desktop update for the Intel LGA1700 socket is anticipated to include Raptor Lake silicon.

gigabyte z790 x boards

Gigabyte made a significant announcement at Computex, introducing their first set of Z790 motherboards under the ‘X’ branding, indicating the upgraded versions of their Intel motherboards. The AORUS Master X and AORUS Xtreme X were among the initial models showcased, but it has come to light that Gigabyte has even more Z790 “X” boards in the pipeline.

The AORUS Elite/Pro series will also undergo the “X” refresh, and there’s even a listing for the first B760M motherboard. However, the precise modifications made to these motherboards are still unclear. The available information suggests the possibility of 5 GbE networking being included and a potential WiFi7 update for the AORUS models.

IMG 6296

In addition, there is a reference to a previously unheard-of motherboard called “YT Pioneer.” This particular product name has not been used before, and there have been no leaks or information available to explain its purpose or features. It is possible that this product could be another design catering to content creators or a special version tailored for a specific market segment.

It is worth mentioning that AMD AM5 motherboards are undergoing a slight update, with the notable addition of the “Arctic” design. While specific information is limited, it is expected that this motherboard will feature a striking white aesthetic, potentially offering a refreshing transformation from the current gray motherboard design.