Gigabyte Sets A World Record By Overclocking DDR5 Memory To 10022 MT/s

As we already know, the MSI broke records with its DDR5 overclocking speed of 10,000 MT/s. Soon after, the OC team at Gigabyte has pushed its overclocking speed adding 18 MT/s more and taking the world record to next level.


It is quite obvious that this level of memory overclocking isn’t satisfied by ordinary cooling. This is where the LN2 cooling comes into play for both the CPU as well as the memory. On top of this, there is a lot of experience required to achieve this speed along with some platform adjustments. The OC team at Gigabyte is managed by HiCookie and they have used the Intel Core i9-12900K processor. The processor had to be downclocked to 2.1 GHz and its dual-core configuration also had to be reduced.

For the motherboard, Gigabyte’s own Z690 AORUS was used. This seemed to be the ideal choice as it has been designed specifically for overclocking. Though it has two UDIMM slots, they weren’t utilized as for these overclocking attempts, only one slot is sufficient.

Gigabyte DDR5 OC 1200x380 1

The record-breaking overclocking has been performed on the AORUS DDR5 memory. It was able to reach a speed of 10022 MT/s which is equivalent to 5011 MHz. In comparison to the record formed by MSI back in April, the timings were reduced, and the frequency made higher.

Such transfer speeds which reach 10,000 Mbps fall under the domain of extreme overclocking. The fastest DDR5 kits which are currently on sale don’t go beyond 7000 MT/s. We are experiencing a new trend in the memory industry where memory manufacturers are slowly trying to lower the prices of current DDR5 modules while increasing speeds. Despite this trend, the price of DDR5 memory kits remain twice as high as the DDR4 modules.

Via Validx86, VideoCardz