Glorious PC Gaming Race Introduces Model D Wireless Mouse

Glorious PC Gaming Race announces the new Model D Wireless gaming mouse. The Model D Wireless packs all of the groundbreaking technology first introduced with the Model O Wireless into the Model D’s renowned ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design. The Model D Wireless will be a fully in-stock item on launch day – no pre-order or batches. The official launch date and time will be revealed, alongside some exciting giveaways, as soon as we get confirmation that the product has reached our warehouse, so stay tuned to our social channels, Discord server, and blog page.

Staying true to our mission, we will sell this top-tier mouse at an unbeatable $79.99 MSRP on the Glorious Store and available in Matte White and Matte Black color options. The Model D Wireless is truly an endgame mouse at an endgame price, and we look forward to seeing them on your desks. Model D Wireless boasts our proprietary lag-free BAMF wireless mouse sensor created in collaboration with Pixart. This innovative, low-power sensor allows the MDW to have an outstanding 71-hour battery life – perfect for extended productivity and gaming sessions. This powerful sensor, combined with the included 2.4 GHz adapter, makes for a satisfyingly seamless wireless experience.

glorious model d wireless

The right-handed frame of the Model D Wireless perfectly cradles your palm. This ergonomic design makes the mouse ideal for extended gaming and productivity sessions by reducing potential hand strain and fatigue.

Coming in at a featherlight 69 g, the Model D Wireless, combined with its included G-Skates mouse feet, sails across your mousepad with minimal effort. The frame’s honeycomb design allows the mouse to be unbelievably quick and precise without sacrificing structural integrity.

The Model D Wireless debuts with our new and improved proprietary switches created in collaboration with Kailh. Our team carefully engineered these innovative switches to deliver satisfyingly crisp clicks.

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