Google To Launch Consumer Project Ara Phone in 2017

Google is finally looking to bring Project Ara to consumers in 2017. Project Aura is the modular phone concept that we have been seeing for years, but has not yet materialized. Well project Ara is far from dead, it actually now has its own business unit at Google. The modular hardware is getting closer to being a reality as well. ATAP head of creative Blaise Bertrand confirmed at Google I/O today that a developer version of the phone will be available in Q4 of this year, and a “thin, light, and beautiful” consumer Ara will follow in 2017.

To get your hands on Ara this year you can go to ATAP dedicated website and fill out the form indicating what type of module you would like to develope for the phone.

Pretty exciting that Ara is actually happening, it could shake up the mobile device market.

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