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Google’s Project Ara Won’t Have Swappable CPU, RAM, or Display Modules

We talked about Google's Project Ara last week are were pretty excited that we could see a consumer version in 2017. The modular phone is a great concept, but it looks like it is not going to be as "modular" as many people think. Google has confirmed that Project Ara will not have swappable CPU, RAM, or display modules.

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Google To Launch Consumer Project Ara Phone in 2017

Google is finally looking to bring Project Ara to consumers in 2017. Project Aura is the modular phone concept that we have been seeing for years, but has not yet materialized. Well project Ara is far from dead, it actually now has its own business unit at Google. The modular hardware is getting closer to being a reality as well. ATAP head of creative Blaise Bertrand confirmed at Google I/O today that a developer version of the phone will be available in Q4 of this year, and a "thin, light, and beautiful" consumer Ara will follow in 2017.

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Google to Create Online Store for Project Ara

It has been quite a while since we have heard anything about Google's Project Ara. This is of course Google's ambitious fully modular smartphone project. The idea behind it is that users can select each part of their phone (screen, camera, battery, etc) and create a perfect smartphone to fit their needs. Well it looks like Google is moving along with the project and will be creating an online store, much like Google Play for the device.

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Motorola Project Ara to be Sold on Moto Maker

Here the reference is being made to the Project Ara which has been conveniently described as a skeleton allowing the components to slide in and out and fall right through their places. Though the company is a long way from the official release or even introduction, but the prototype is soon going to be finished and will be ready for a display. The CEO is expecting the prototype to be functional soon so it can join Moto Maker and become what it was initially envisioned to.

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