Motorola Project Ara to be Sold on Moto Maker

Everyone was pretty much excited about the Moto Maker which would allow those to have their phones all decked up with the help of different paint jobs but as far as the customization engine is concerned, the Motorola CEO has higher aims at his agenda at the moment. The company wants Moto Maker to turn into something much more than what it already is; it has been envisioned as something that not only customized the phone colors with a fresh paint job but will also allow customization of functionality.


Here the reference is being made to the Project Ara which has been conveniently described as a skeleton allowing the components to slide in and out and fall right through their places. Though the company is a long way from the official release or even introduction, but the prototype is soon going to be finished and will be ready for a display. The CEO is expecting the prototype to be functional soon so it can join Moto Maker and become what it was initially envisioned to.

Source: Engadget | News Archive