NVIDIA Maxwell Based Graphics Cards to Ship in March 2014

According to a report by Fudzilla, we could see Maxwell-based GeForce graphics cards as early as March 2014. Maxwell is NVIDIA’s next generation GPU after Kepler and is set to deliver greater performance per watt numbers.


Sources have told Fudzilla that graphics cards featuring the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU would hit retail by March 2014. This seems like great news, but it is only a rumor as far as we can tell. We do know we will see Maxell cards in 2014 at some point. We also do not know if the Maxwell chip will be manufactured on the 28nm or 20nm process.

“Our multiple sources do agree on the Q1 2014 shipping to customers timeframe, but they are not aware if this is another 28nm or first 20nm graphics chip to hit the market. We can only speculate as we don’t know for sure at this point.” – Fudzilla

We expect to get some more information about the Maxwell core during CES and during the GTC 2014 (GPU Technology Conference) which is set for March 24th 2014. A few notebook engineering samples of Maxwell chips have been spotted which leads us to believe NVIDIA will launch the Maxwell mobility lineup on the 28nm process and then introduce the desktop lineup with the 20nm process.

Maxwell will be the first chips to feature a high-performance ARM CPU with multiple cores. This will also be the first GPU to introduce a unified memory architecture, which has been pretty successful on next-generation consoles.

Source: Fudzilla | News Archive

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