Google to Create Online Store for Project Ara

It has been quite a while since we have heard anything about Google’s Project Ara. This is of course Google’s ambitious fully modular smartphone project. The idea behind it is that users can select each part of their phone (screen, camera, battery, etc) and create a perfect smartphone to fit their needs. Well it looks like Google is moving along with the project and will be creating an online store, much like Google Play for the device.

Google Project Ara

The online store or marketplace will be much like the Google Play store, but instead of apps it will allow developers to sell components to the Ara directly to consumers. It would be quite cool to be able to fully customize your phone online with parts you actually want.

We first heard that Project Ara will start at only $50, but at this point we have not heard anything else from Google. We hope to get more details about Project Ara and this new online store from Google in the coming months.

Source: Gizmodo | News Archive

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