GoPro versus SJ cam: The battle of the sports cameras!

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So if you are in the market for a sports camera, you need to decide which brand and model to buy. There are so many companies jumping on the band wagon and producing sports cameras; it can often be confusing as to which one fits your needs best. Today we are going to look at two top of the line cameras: The GoPro Hero and the SJ 4000. The GoPro Hero and SJ 4000 are both sports cameras that are designed for active, adventure loving people. These cameras are perfect for a range of activities; anything from snorkeling, sky-diving, to scenic motorcycle rides. Both of these cameras are so small, and even tinier without their waterproof cases. This makes them effortless to carry, and easy to attach to various accessories.

These two models of cameras have many similarities but there are also some differences that should be noted. The first is price; the GoPro Hero is at the higher end of the market, while the newer SJcam is not as expensive, and retails at quite a reasonable price. In addition, the SJ 4000 comes with a multitude of attachments that you do not need to buy separately (This does not include selfie sticks, though).Both of these cameras come with a waterproof case. The GoPro’s one does have an open back alternative, which allows for better, less muffled audio. The SJ 4000 does have some additional features that the GoPro Hero does not have, such as a color screen on the back (only the higher end models of the GoPro have these!) The GoPro Hero has a photo burst rate of five frames per second, while the SJ 4000’s burst rate is an astonishing one frame per second. Both cameras are waterproof (In their cases only!). The SJcam is waterproof for up to thirty meters underwater, while the GoPro Hero gives you an extra ten meters on that! In terms of recording time, the GoPro wins here, with 150 minutes of recording time. The SJ 4000, on the other hand, will only give you 70 minutes of recording. However, depending on your needs, this may or may not be an important feature to you.

Final thoughts: The differences between these cameras are pretty negligible. Due to the mainstream accessibility of the GoPro, it may in some instances be easier to buy various accessories, in comparison to the SJ cam’s accessories that do not come in the box. If you are looking to save some money though, the SJ cam is definitely the way to go.

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