Grand Theft Auto 6 May Include Co-Op Mechanics; Expected To Make $1 Billion In Its First Week

There is a possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 will incorporate co-op gameplay elements, as suggested by findings in leaked videos from the past year. As explained by Reddit user Tobbelobben on the game’s official subreddit, the leaked videos unveiled a Player Action Manager displaying a range of in-game actions, such as taking cover, crouching, melee attacks, and grapples. Notably, within this manager, there were intriguing options like “Downed Self Revive” and “Downed Self Suicide,” which seem to imply the presence of another player or AI-controlled character capable of reviving the main character when downed.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Buddy Comms and Buddy Ping options suggests the possibility of cooperative gameplay mechanics or an enhanced system for managing AI-controlled characters in the upcoming installment of the series. Given the immense popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online, it wouldn’t be unexpected for Rockstar Games to incorporate optional multiplayer features into the main campaign.

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Regardless of the specific gameplay style and mechanics that Grand Theft Auto 6 will employ, it is undoubtedly among the most eagerly awaited games set to release in the future, if not the most highly anticipated. Sawyer Merritt’s post on X, confirming the game’s first trailer premiering next month, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the most-liked gaming post on the website, accumulating over 1.3 million likes and 127 million views within a mere 12-hour span.

According to him GTA 6 is expected to make $1 billion in its first week and has reportedly cost up to $1 billion to make. Grand Theft Auto 6 has not been officially revealed, and it might not hit the market until 2025.

Via Reddit