Great PCs for Gaming

Way back in the mists of time when home gaming was in its infancy PCs were pretty much the only option anyone had outside of the arcade.

That was fine. They had all the processing power and controls needed to run the games of the time. But then along came consoles which were heavily marketed as the state-of-the-art way to play. Then, more recently, the mobile gaming boom took off.

But for many gaming purists, the PC remains the gold standard. There are many reasons for this, not least their huge computing power providing faster and more responsive gaming as well as huge banks of memory.

Then there are the peripherals that can be attached ranging from large ultra HD screens and sound systems that can blow you clean out of your gaming chair.

Inevitably, some PCs are better suited to gaming than others – and there are also lots of different types of games to play on them. So, for example, the sort that might be great for a game like Minecraft wouldn’t be such a great choice for the fast action of GTA.

More and more people are also starting to play online at gaming sites like Bally Casino and the best PCs for this kind of play also have particular specs to watch out for – fast processing speeds for example, if you want to play in the “live” casino.

So here are five PCs which are ideally suited for gaming and to fit most sizes of budget.

MSI Infinite RS 13th

Let’s start with the assumption that money’s no object. Here’s a PC that delivers exceptional performance thanks to its 13th generation Intel Core 19 and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 that’s liquid cooled to cope with the workload you might be putting on it.

It’s also exceptionally quiet and easy to upgrade later if your gaming demands become even greater in the future. It also comes with its own mouse and keyboard, although most serious gamers will probably want to replace these with higher spec models to match the PCs performance. One thing to note, though. It’s a big unit so you’ll be needing plenty of space for it.

Alienware Aurora R15

Once you get over the fact that, thanks to its high-tech design, it looks like an alien spacecraft might have landed on your desk, you’ll be ready to be impressed by this gaming PC from Dell.

Again, it’s far from cheap but you’re getting what you pay for with a powerful and exceptionally quiet machine with up to 2 TB of storage and a perfectly serviceable 8GB of RAM.

Go for a model with the Intel Core i9 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 490 graphics card and you won’t go far wrong.

Corsair One i300

If desk space is limited, or you simply don’t want a monolithic-sized PC dominating your set-up, then here’s the perfect demonstration that small can be powerful too.

Packed with quality components like an Intel Core i9 12900k and an Nvidia GeForce RTX3080Ti, it’s not than much bigger than a standard gaming console. One drawback is that upgrading is far from easy – there simply isn’t room within the case to cram much more in. But for most gamers it’s perfectly good as it is.

It’s undeniably expensive, but when it comes to (value for money x  space saved) you can’t argue with the price.

HP Victus 15 L

When your budget’s more restricted then you could do far worse than this model.

Obviously, there are going to be compromises so it’s less robust than more expensive gaming PCs and the components aren’t the same quality.

But a big plus is the number of easily accessible USB and HDMI ports along the front of the good-looking white casing as well as the solid 1080p performance that it can offer. To get the very best from it you do need to adjust the settings from the factory default ones. But, once done, you’ll have yourself a first-class budget PC.

Corsair PC Build Kit

There are many advocates for the self-build PC and if you fancy giving it a try then this could be the ideal project.

Once you’ve picked your choice from three configurations you just need to follow the very detailed instructions provided. You’re probably best not settling for the most basic configuration as this won’t give you RGB components. But switch to the medium or high spec and you’ll have a gaming PC that can handle virtually anything you throw at it.

Of course, these are just five of the very many options out there. But at the current time these would top most people’s lists. So choose the one that looks right for you and your gaming needs and we really don’t think you’ll go far wrong.