GRID 3GS Deconstructed iPhone Art Review

Final Thoughts

If you are into tech at all it is likely you have some old hardware laying around, why not display it? As you saw I already had a full shelf of old hardware and the GRID 3GS was the perfect thing to add to that part of the room. I really like what Grid Studio has done though, they are not just providing you with an old piece of hardware, but fully deconstructing it, and turning it into a really cool piece of art.

The way they arrange the different parts, labeling them, and adding some information about the product is really cool. If you’ve owned one of the products they offer it is cool to see all the little parts that made it what it was and looking at it brings back memories of using it. When someone walks into my office they are drawn to the GRID 3GS and always ask questions.


As I said Grid Studio is offering pieces made of phones, iPods, smart watches, and portable game consoles. Ones that really stick out to me are the original iPhone, Game Boy Pocket, Sony PSP, and BlackBerry Bold 9000. Grid Studio also offers a custom option where you can work with them on a specific piece of hardware or project.

It would be nice in the future for Grid Studio to offer more products. Things like the original iPod, old Nokia phones, and the Palm Pilot come to mind.

Now these pieces of art are not exactly cheap, the GRID 3GS we took a look at today is $169.99. Grid Studio is hooking us up though! If you purchase one of their pieces and use the promo code TC15 you’ll get 15% off!

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