Havit HV-TPC68 USB C Hub Review

Usage & Testing
So there really is no any setup or anything with this hub, you just plug it into any open Type-C port in your laptop / PC. Your PC will recognize it and you are ready to start using it. Here we have it connected to a MacBook Pro and you can see just how long the cable is and that it gives you room to move the hub around.

Havit HV-TPC68 USB C Hub

Sliding an SD card in and out of the slot is very easy and it gets recognized right away. Using our SanDisk Extreme Pro card we averaged around 85 MB/s transferring RAW images and 4K video.

Havit HV-TPC68 USB C Hub

Using a Lenovo Yoga 920 with the Samsung SSD T5 portable SSD connected to the hub we tested speeds using CrystalDiskMark.


As you can see very fast transfer speeds and you aren’t losing much by using the hub.

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