Here Are New Rumored Specs For NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080/4070

Thanks to Kopite, we are getting more insight into RTX 40 specs. From what it appears, the RTX 40 is going to have even more cores than were previously reported. The initial report stated 16128 CUDAs which have now increased to 16384 cores meaning an upgrade from 126 Streaming Multiprocessors to 128.

We are now hearing that the full configuration of the AD102 GPU is going to contain 144 cores in total. However, there is a high likelihood that this configuration might be for future SKUs. Other specs have remained unchanged so far. We already know that this is going to be a flagship RTX 40 model with a whopping TDP of 450W. The SKU is going to launch with a GDDR6X memory of 24 GB with clock speeds of 21 Gbps.

Let’s move on to the configurations of the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 GPUs. The RTX 4080 here is the only graphics card to date which comes featuring the AD103 and is going to debut one month after the launch of the RTX 4090. Kopite states that the RTX 4080 is going to feature a total of 10240 CUDA cores and a memory of 16 GB.

However, unlike the RTX 4090, this one is not going to feature a GDDR6X memory but will come with GDDR6 instead. It appears very likely that this spec might soon change because a GDDR6 memory with a clock speed of 18 Gbps is even slower than the RTX 30 cards. Even the RTX 3080 has a memory overclocked at 19 Gbps. There is one thing different here, however, that the AD102 GPU comes with a larger L2 cache which might help in increasing efficiency just as with the Radeon RX 6000 series.

Now let’s move on to the RTX 4070 which has got its fair share of rumors too – the newest one being about a spec update. The card which was initially rumored to come with 12 GB of memory is now said to feature a 10 GB memory instead. This means the memory bus will also shrink down from 192-bit to 160-bit. the RTX 4070 is going to feature a total of 7168 CUDA cores out of which 512 would be disabled.

We are likely to see the launch of the RTX 40 series towards the end of Q3 or the start of Q4 this year. The initial lineup upon launch is going to feature three SKUs which we have highlighted above.