Hostinger VPS Hosting Services: Hardware Quality Meets Quantity

When it comes to VPS hosting, I cannot think of any other option but Hostinger. At the heart of this successful hosting service is its hardware. Powered by cloud-based SSD (Solid State Drive) technology and double RAID protection, it provides the type of hosting solutions that you cannot find anywhere else at the same prices. And this doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on quality anywhere.

This review explores Hostinger’s hardware technologies and the consequent benefits offered.

SSD Storage Space

Hostinger guarantees its private server resources because it has a policy of never overselling its cloud-based VPS. You get access to dedicated servers on powered by the latest hardware. This includes:

  • 128GB memory per server
  • SSD storage space
  • Intel Xeon CPUs

The result is super fast speeds and computing power available with plans starting from just $4.99/mo.

The SSD Advantage

This webhost offers you the advantage of SSD storage at affordable pricing. SSD uses non-volatile memory for storing data. This makes it different from RAM in that the data continues to be stored even when there is no more power.


It is also different from HDD in that there is no need for the drives to spin to locate the data address. This means that the seek times are faster, thus boosting your website or application’s data access speeds.

High Reliability

Another advantage of choosing Hostinger’s SSD storage solutions is that it offers high level of reliability compared to traditional HDD storage systems. You can never know when HDDs may simply stop working. Even when SSDs reach the end of their lifecycle which is more than 10 years, they prevent write access but not the read access.

The high level of reliability of these storage systems come from the lack of any moving parts. So the servers are not susceptible to impacts or vibrations. In fact, they also have wider range of tolerance to temperatures. Thus, Hostinger offers high data reliability, preventing you from having to worry about any risk of data loss.

Double RAID Protection

Another hardware advantage offered by Hostinger includes double RAID data protection. The VPS hosting service uses cloud based technology and double RAID protection to ensure that your data is never lost.


The web host has invested heavily in technologies to prove its dedication to data safety. It is not just the reliability of the technology on which your data backups will be made, the process and interface is also quite simple for anyone to use. It takes just a few clicks for you to create backups or restore your data.

And the cloud-based VPS also allows you to instantly restore your data anytime and from anywhere.

The RAID Advantage

There are multiple levels of (redundant array of independent disks) RAID and Hostinger’s VPS solutions combine both performance and mirroring protection systems to offer high level of speed and stability. Hostinger’s team protects your data on servers with its multi-level, fail-safe, RAID-10 regular backups.

The technology results in your data being written on multiple disks. Similarly, it is capable of reading data at much higher speeds. So if you have heavy applications, you will not have to worry about performance.

The technology also adds reliability to your data. Even in the remotest scenarios if something goes wrong on any disk, you will not have to worry. The data can be quickly and easily restored. More details about this technology can be found on

Advanced Technology Meets Vast Resources

It is not just the hardware quality that makes Hostinger’s VPS hosting services unique. They match the quality with quantity as well. It offers 20GB of storage space for just $4.99/mo. You can choose a plan up to 160GB for just $65.56/mo.

The different VPS plans and the resources offered can be seen in this table:


High Availability at all Times

Hostinger’s data centers feature dual uplinks and multiple ISPs. This further takes reliability and security to an advanced level. They use the following technologies that protect your website, applications, and data from DDoS attacks on different layers:

  • Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer
  • Bitninja for each server
  • Intuitive firewall rules at each switch level
  • Option to choose CloudFare

You can also setup custom rules for your web server to take protection to the next level.

Customer Trust

Hostinger was founded in 2004. Today, it is trusted by more than 29 million users worldwide with a rating of 9.5/10. Its focus on delivering the latest technology at affordable pricing has been at the core of its success.

Over 15,000 new websites are installed on its platform everyday with 20,000 new user signups. It has dozens of offices worldwide including all the major global cities. The web hosting service was launched with the goal to make it free for everyone to create their website. Today, it is the only company across the horizon that offers Cloud-based, SSD enabled VPS hosting service for plans as affordable in the market. When it comes to its VPS plans’ hardware configuration, there is no competition to it.

Hostinger’s data centers are located in 7 major regions including UK, United States, Netherlands (EU and upcoming in Lithuania), South America (Brazil), and Singapore and Indonesia (South East Asia). This means that no matter where you are, you can enjoy high level of website/applications reliability and lowest-possible latency.

Hostinger truly offers advanced VPS hosting services at prices that cannot be matched in the market. It has been able to win the trust of tens of millions of users because of its unfettered dedication to matching the elements of quality and quantity.

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