How Much Do You Spend? 6 Apps for Calculating Car Expenses

We live in a world invaded by mobile technology. In any sphere from business to entertainment, smartphones accompany and help us on every stage of our life.

Applications designed for drivers are not left unattended. It was estimated that the average person spends about 540 hours a year driving a car. This is about 6 hours of driving every day. Such a significant value has been seen by mobile application manufacturers.

Today, the field of mobile services is extremely diverse, starting with applications for car rental, such as, as well as apps for car maintenance or vehicle diagnostics. Also, a separate segment is mobile applications for calculating car expenses. Here’re some of the best services…


AutoCare allows you to monitor the costs of several cars at once: each of them is assigned a profile. Note that this feature is available in about 50% of applications, which in some cases will be really useful. Another interesting feature is the registration of urban and country runs.

You can also create reminders after a certain time or mileage. As for the rest, this is a service that is not overloaded with unnecessary and hardly applicable functions, which allows you to keep track of expenses in detail.


The main difference between the application and the previous one is data synchronization with the server, so when you change the phone, all the necessary information will be saved. But this feature can be disabled, and then all the statistics will be stored only on your device. There’s a possibility of authorization through social networks. Costs are divided into three categories – Fuel, Service and Others.

Statistics is available both for individual categories and for the total car expenses. You can view the collected information in the usual way, as well as in the form of graphs. When adding service costs, you can create a reminder to repeat the work after a certain mileage or time interval. The functionality is similar to the above-mentioned application, but visually Beepster looks nicer.



This is pretty colorful application available on all mobile platforms and in the web version. Registration is provided to synchronize data on all devices, but allows you to fully use all functions even without this procedure. The main screen is presented in the form of a car dashboard, with an indication of costs, mileage, expense and cost of 1 mile traveled.

Among the items of spending – repair, service, washing, refueling and tuning. Also, you can add your items on your own. In addition, the application allows you to set the resource (by time or mileage) for individual work: brake pad replacement, suspension diagnostics, oil change, etc.

After a specified interval, the program will remind you of the need for work. The application is perfect for the drivers, taking care of their cars.

A significant part of the program is paid. Free version has such limitations like statistics for only a month or a limited number of entries.

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Car Manager

At the first acquaintance with the application, the eyes involuntarily stumble upon the Add Income item, which is unusual for this type of program. The menu provides three ways of income, including the transport of passengers, goods and car rental. The rest of the application is a great tool for maintaining comprehensive statistics on the car expenses and its analysis for different periods of time.

Among the nice bonuses – the ability to add random notes indicating the path, as well as creating your own mini-directory of spare parts indicating the articles and other necessary information. All stored information can be imported and exported, so that changing the phone won’t result in data loss.

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If you think you spend too much on a car, start tracking costs. This is convenient to do with MyAuto. Add expenses for the replacement of tires, gasoline and car wash spending in the application, and that the additional costs don’t come as a surprise to you, add painting and engine diagnostics to the plan.

Instruct the application to monitor the condition of your car. It will count the mileage, monitor the vehicle speed, fuel consumption and tell you when it’s time to go to the service or extend the insurance. The application will show the distribution of expenses on a graph, and you will quickly understand where you can save.


The app is available for Android-powered smartphones only, but this is the best calculator for calculating the ratio of fuel in the tank to the distance that you drove.

It also tracks maintenance, fuel and other car expenses. This application displays fuel efficiency, price and total costs, service spending, total costs, the distance between refueling, the price per liter of fuel at the gas station, as well as a geographical map and reports.

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