How the Tech Revolution Has Quietly Transformed Our World

The technological revolution we are in the thick of has resulted in an unprecedented period of rapid change in technology, science, and social organization. This quiet revolution has had a great impact on every society. It has transformed social and economic structures. It has also drastically changed the way we communicate. With voice commands, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri have become a common sight in our homes and workplaces.

Here are some remarkable ways that technology has changed our lives for the better.

Easier to Expand and Become Profitable

Starting a business or expanding an existing one is no longer a game of guesswork. Companies don’t have to wonder if their new product will fly off the shelves or if their new service will attract enough clients because there are analytical tools that businesses can use to predict the future.

CDP is a good example. What is CDP? It is an acronym for “customer data platform.” This analytical tool allows a business to know what products customers like based on data about past buying behavior. The information can then be used to predict their most likely future buying behavior.

That insight allows a business to tap into an endless stream of profit because it allows the company to create a personalized customer journey across various channels, such as marketing, sales, and customer service.

People Are More Comfortable

Many tools have emerged that have made life more convenient for us. Hardware like smartphones, laptops, tablets has resulted in an incredible variety of software. We laugh when someone quips, “There’s an app for that,” but it’s often true.

Our technology-oriented world has revolutionized many important sectors of our lives. For instance:

  • Netflix allows people to watch television on demand all the time.
  • Instacart and apps like it allow people to buy their groceries without going to the store.
  • Skype, Facebook, or other social media sites to speak to people internationally.
  • People can do all of their banking straight from their phones and computers.

Start a Business for Less

It’s now possible to do something as remarkable as setting up your own business on a shoestring budget.

You could, for example, start an eCommerce business without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, for less than $500, it is possible to  sell through a consignment arrangement with manufacturers. Since you won’t have to store merchandise and since the manufacturer will also drop ship directly to your customers, you can earn as much as a physical store.

Tech Has United the World

Globalization has now become possible. Here are three big reasons why this is a huge advance in civilization:

  • People have now been exposed to many new cultures and become familiar with a variety of products, lifestyles, and ideas from across the world.
  • With new technologies aiding in communication, transportation, and management, globalization has allowed businesses all over the world to grow and prosper.
  • Highly skilled knowledge workers have seen an increase in the number of global job opportunities. Today international recruiting has become a necessity for both employers and employees in leading economies.

Technology Has Made Our Lives Better

Since technology has become part of our everyday lives, we have all taken it for granted. Yet it has steadily introduced a wide range of benefits and innovations that we would never have thought possible back in the 20th Century. From the development of the first computer to the emergence of smartphones, technology has been improving at a fast pace. It has raised living standards, increased productivity and efficiency, and enhanced our lives in a bewildering number of ways.